Conference Presenters

  • Kristi Blacker
    Kristi Blacker

    Kristi Blacker is an Augustana College alum (2006) with degrees in Deaf Education and Elementary Education. She has worked in the field of Deaf Education as a teacher Read More

  • Keanna Casanova
    Keanna Casanova

    Keanna Casanova is an EIPA certified, Educational Sign Language Interpreter living in Denver, Colorado. She has been interpreting primarily for elementary school students and staff Read More

  • Dr Tina Childress
    Dr. Tina Childress

    Tina Childress is an educational audiologist, late-deafened adult and bilateral cochlear implant recipient who also is fluent in ASL. She has worked in the field of Audiology since 1998, and her experience includes working in the mainstream and residential school Read More

  • Janet DesGeorges
    Janet DesGeorges

    Janet currently serves as a trainer for the Hands & Voices Advocacy, Support and Training (ASTra) Program. As an educational advocate, Janet believes in the principles and guiding philosophies of Hands & Voices Read More

  • Marlee Dyce
    Marlee Dyce

    Marlee Dyce is the Director of International Interpreting & Professional Development for Sorenson Communications. She has been with Sorenson for six years Read More

  • Mychal Hadrich
    Mychal Hadrich

    Mychal Hadrich is a nationally certified sign language interpreter through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. With over a decade of experience in a range of settings Read More


  • Dr. Peter Isquith
    Dr. Peter Isquith

    Peter Isquith, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist with specialty in development neuropsychology. His research interests are in development and disorders of self-regulation across the lifespan, and his clinical specialty is in working with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  Read More  

  • Valli Gideons
    Valli Gideons

    Valli Gideons is an author, speaker, military spouse, and mother of two thriving teens who were born with hearing loss. With a degree in journalism, her work has reached millions of people across multiple platforms. Read More

  • Stefanie Kessen
    Stefanie Kessen

    Stefanie Kessen, M.Ed., Founder of The Online Itinerant, saw a need for added training and support for those who work with students who are deaf and hard of hearing. With more than 25 years in the field of Deaf Education, as a Teacher of the Deaf, interpreter, and Education Specialist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Read More

  • Danny Maffia
    Daniel Maffia

    Daniel Maffia is an interpreting program director, practicum coordinator, and a senior lecturer with the department of American Sign Language and English Interpreting Read More

  • Robin Mills
    Robin Mills

    Robin Mills is an occupational therapist at LifeScape. She has been there for 37 years and has seen many changes in the field of OT, to LifeScape itself, and the role of OT Read More

  • Lynne Price
    Lynne Price

    Lynne Price is the author of multiple books related to services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. She a National Board certified teacher with 40 years of teaching Read More

  • Stacey Tucci
    Stacey Tucci

    Dr. Stacey Tucci, a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, is the lead trainer for Foundations for Literacy (FFL). FFL is a one-of-a-kind, evidence-based intervention designed specifically for preschool and kindergarten-aged children who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH).  Read More