Mary Ann Kinsella-Meier

Mary Ann Kinsella-Meier

Mary Ann Kinsella-Meier, AuD, is a Project Manager at the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, Gallaudet University.  She manages product development, which meets the mandates of the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA) to develop, evaluate, and disseminate innovative curricula, instructional technologies and strategies; manages mission-furthering work in the areas of strategic planning, research, evaluation, project development, product dissemination, technical assistance, training and outreach.  Mary Ann was the project manager overseeing this collaborative work.  Previously, she led the expansion at the Maryland School for the Deaf to extend educational services to those students who had access to learning through spoken English.  She coordinated and established cochlear implant services, including the provision of cochlear implant programming capabilities on both campuses.  Mary Ann has been a long term adjunct faculty member of the University of Maryland’s Hearing and Speech Sciences Department.  She co-created and team teaches a course which focuses on:  learning how to provide audiologic and rehabilitative services to the culturally deaf as well as the hard of hearing populations, including basic sign language.  She is a co-author of a book on sign language for audiologists and speech-language specialists, as well as a contributing author for a book focusing on aural rehabilitation and communication therapy.  

Presentation Powerpoint

This presentation will focus on evidence-based, practical information addressing topics integral to the identification process and intervention opportunities for these infants and their families. A review of the critical components necessary to promote early language acquisition as well as tips on how this information can be used effectively with families and service providers will be highlighted.

Based on a collaborative effort between the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program for Boston Children’s Hospital, a free web-based resource has been developed to meet this need. Setting Language in Motion is designed for early intervention providers, educators of deaf children, early childhood specialists, allied professionals, parents and other caregivers. Seven modules are available in ASL, English and Spanish. Parent interviews, videos of audiologic testing, downloadable resources as well as activity guide sheets are all components of this free resource.

  • Participants will identify information contained within the seven modules that can be shared with families to support early intervention needs
  • Participants will identify at least two concepts they can use in their work with families in early identification and intervention.
  • Participants will develop an understanding of the information contained within these modules
  • Participants will learn how the activity sheets and downloadable resources can be incorporated into their work

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The primary focus of this presentation is educational planning for students with cochlear implants

  • To inform participants about the work of the Clerc Center
  • To introduce participants to our resources for students with cochlear implants (Guidelines and Interpreter Tip Sheets)
  • To delve more deeply into the Guidelines and discuss student scenarios and applications of this resource to support educational planning