Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson is a D/HH teacher and certified interpreter. She worked as an itinerant teacher and resource room teacher for the first 8 years of her teaching career. This is her 20th year teaching at Metro Deaf School. In addition to her D/HH license, she also is licensed in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders. She enjoys teaching all students, but especially likes working with students who are unique learners.


Vocabulary and Reading Strategies

This workshop will focus on techniques, including technology, to support the acquisition and retention of English vocabulary, how to apply meaning to the ‘little words’ in English, and ensure students have access to all levels of reading during reading instruction (independent, instructional, and frustration levels). Although Kelly and Julie work in a bilingual school, this workshop is applicable to both students whose first language is ASL and whose first language is Spoken English.


Participants will:

  1. Identify technology and other techniques to support the acquisition and retention of English vocabulary
  2. Discuss what to do with the “little words” in English that do not translate well into ASL. (pronouns, articles, helping verbs). These strategies can also be employed with hard-of-hearing students whose primary language is spoken English
  3. Identify and discuss various strategies for meeting students’ needs by providing reading opportunities at the student's independent, instructional, and higher level concepts (frustration level)