Evelyn Tobin

Evelyn Toben

Evelyn Tobin is currently farming with her husband near Pierpont, SD. Evelyn has an elementary education degree which has been used raising their three daughters. Chelsea Paulson is their oldest daughter who forced her parents into the world of deaf education. Evelyn became a certified interpreter to be able to serve as a substitute interpreter. As a Mom, Evelyn participated in many interpreter workshops, family learning weekends in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. To become more fluent in sign language, she attended many sign language classes.

*Partnering with Chelsea Tobin Paulson

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As a former Deaf student in a mainstreamed setting, Chelsea navigated through the system with her mother as her advocate. The experiences shared will be a testimony of how to be a change agents for your student who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Other adults, such as interpreters or teachers of deaf/hard of hearing, can also be change agents for deaf and hard of hearing students by connecting them to the broader Deaf community, enacting roles based on the needs of students, facilitating sign language instruction for peers, taking responsibility for literacy and being the language models for students. Support people are critical advocates for more accessible classrooms, being a part of the supervision of the process, and eventually being willing to advocate themselves out of a job, as the deaf or hard of hearing student develops skills and advocates for him/herself. 

  • The participants will learn different strategies of how to get their Deaf youth involved in society.
  • The participants will learn about current IEP proceedings and how to use their roles as a parents/interpreter/outreach professional during the meeting.
  • The participants will have different resources to add to their current challenges in interpreting in rural settings.