Laura Scholten

Laura Scholten

Laura is a licensed speech-language pathologist with a Master’s Degree coupled with almost 20 years of experience working with children who are deaf/hard of hearing, their families, and instructional staff. She has worked at South Dakota School for the Deaf for over 18 years with additional experience in three different public school districts. Laura is certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association and is also a certified Elklan and Hanen trainer. She has offered workshops across South Dakota to promote the speech, language, listening needs of deaf/hard of hearing students as well as all children with speech, language, and communication needs.


Colorful Stories

Being an effective story teller is a major component of language and a key predictor in the academic success of children. Research suggests that children who are deaf/hard of hearing lag behind their hearing peers in narrative language development, both narrative comprehension and production. Best practice indicates narrative skills should be addressed in intervention to promote literacy development and academic success.

Color-Coded Story Telling is a visual support strategy which helps children to learn about the structure of stories and become more confident about telling and writing stories. It encourages oral narrative skills and bridges to written language when a child is confident about the structure of a story and how to tell a story orally. It can be used with a whole class or with an individual student.


Participants will:

  1. Learn about current research as it relates to the narrative skills of children with hearing loss
  2. Learn about the importance of sequencing skills in narrative skill development
  3. Learn how to teach the parts of a story to promote oral storytelling and written language