Tina Childress

Tina Childress, Au.D., CCC-A is an educational audiologist in the mainstream and residential school settings, technology and social media aficionado, late-deafened adult fluent in ASL and a bilateral cochlear implant recipient. With her unique perspective and passion for sharing information through social media, she is a sought out international presenter and adjunct lecturer to families, adults and professionals on a variety of topics but especially Hearing Assistive Technology, apps, cochlear implants, advocacy and effective strategies for coping with hearing loss. Dr. Childress is active on many local and national Boards and Committees where she is a strong advocate for accessibility and disseminating resources.

Connect and Discover

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Keeping up with the latest and greatest technology can be a daunting task, especially because it is always evolving. For someone with hearing loss, there are many options when it comes to (hearing) assistive technology. For example, there are devices to alert to emergency situations, increase participation in the classroom or have increased access to theater and movies. We will also look at how to leverage smartphone apps in a variety of situations. Whether the individual uses their residual hearing or is completely a visual/manual communicator, there are endless possibilities to connect with the world around them. Come and learn about CURRENT technology because we know that this can be a moving target! Knowing where to even find this information can be confusing, so my favorite resources will be shared. You will leave with current information and resources to access later and share.

  • Name two forms of hearing assistive technology to use with a mobile phone or personal media player
  • List two resources for finding apps
  • Describe two types of alerting devices that can be used in an emergency situation